The spinal column is one of the most vital parts of the human body, supporting our trunks and making all of our movements possible.


Back Pain, neck pain and symptoms caused by a spinal condition are a common problem for many adult Americans.


What’s causing my back or neck pain? It’s a common question, and a visit to your provider is an important first step to get an answer.

Tests and Exams

There are a variety of diagnostic exams that may be used to determine the cause of your back and/or neck pain, as well as the type of treatment that may be appropriate for you.


With the advent of Minimal Access Spinal Technologies (MAST™), spine surgeons are now able to remove herniated intervertebral discs in the lumbar spine that are…

Treatment Options

Decisions regarding treatment for your back must be made carefully. In most instances, there is ample time to learn about your spinal condition so that you can make an educated decision about your care.


In addition to regular cardiovascular exercise, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons has also recommended a series of exercises that have been specifically chosen…


This glossary of medical terms is a list of definitions about medicine, its sub-disciplines, and related fields.


Thank you so much for your cancellation list. It was so great to be able to get my procedure done before Christmas, as it was so hard for me to get around well. You have made my holiday so much brighter. I appreciate also Kristen and your office staff, they also are very pleasant when you call. May God and Santa give you their richest blessings.


Thank you for your care! Although the words alone could not express our appreciation. When we first met I could barely stand and certainly couldn’t walk well. You went beyond all the other specialist’s and didn’t just turn me over to a pain clinic, as was suggested before we met. Your skill has given me a chance at having a quality of life that would help me continue my never give up attitude. I would like to commend your office staff as well. During your care they have been a pleasure to assist with any questions, information, and appointments. Their consistent professionalism, cheerful voice, and genuine concern for me personally and my family has been of great comfort to us. It is refreshing to find such a staff, and we are thankful. Sincerely


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He enjoys the minimally invasive approach to spine & sacral disorders. In fact, he is the first physician in Polk County to perform minimally invasive sacroiliac procedures and has been minimally invasive to even the most complex cases. Talk with Dr. Sachs and discover that you may not even need surgery!

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